Evernote Made Easy

Evernote Made Easy

January 8, 2013

Many people have an Evernote account. Few feel they use it well. Find information instantly from anywhere. Learn from an Evernote Certified Consultant how to structure your system and make it work for you. In 60 minutes, see a demonstration. In a half day or full day, we go fully hands-on. Leave with your system fully up and going.

  • How to create an account and download the software for computer and mobile devices.
  • How to create notebooks and which ones you need.
  • How to create notes (text, camera, audio, and handwriting).
  • How to create tags and stacks and why you would need them.
  • How to find what you need.
  • How to share information with others.
  • How to use Evernote in day-to-day life.

This topic is customizable from 60 minutes to a full day. In 60 minutes, you gain an understanding of the potential. In a full day, you leave with an account up and a day of hands-on experience.


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