April 9, 2019

Invest in yourself. If time is your most important resources, get help on how to master it.

On-Site Coaching

Let me work with you at your desk. We’ll clear the clutter and set up a system to make every day more productive and stress-free.

The cost for a day is $2,000 plus expenses. Want to schedule two consecutive days? The rate for the second day drops to $1,500.

One popular arrangement is a morning session with the group and individual at-your-desk sessions in the afternoon. We offer deep discounts for multiple days.

Virtual Coaching

Virtual Coaching offers a cost-effective way to receive coaching from the comfort of your office or home. We’ll spread the concepts out over time.

You’ll work on an area. We’ll come back together, celebrate success, course correct as needed, and add something new for the next session.

We’ll use Zoom, a free video-conference software package. We’ll be able to see and hear each other. I can share my screen so that you can see my setup. You can share your screen with me so I can guide you on best practice. As I’m teaching a new concept, you can even grant me temporary control of your mouse os that our time together is efficient.

Virtual Coaching Is Available at Three Levels


Silver PLan

1 Session via Zoom (50 Minutes) $250 

We’ll hit the ground running on an area you have determined to be of greatest need. Maybe it’s email. Maybe it’s setting up a digital calendar. Maybe it’s getting a start on Evernote. We’ll decide the focus ahead of time so we make every minute count. 


GOld Plan

6 Weekly Sessions via Zoom (50-minutes each) $750 

This package combines the following topics:

  1. Email Mastery
  2. Digital Calendar Mastery (Google Calendar)
  3. Digital Task List Mastery (Remember the Milk)
  4. Evernote for Beginners or Evernote Mastery
  5. Mastering a Paper Work Flow
  6. Mastering Repeating Tasks
  7. Documentation Like a Pro
  8. Automate Your Life (If This Then That)
  9. Planning Your Week
  10. …and more to fit your needs


Platinum Plan

12 Weekly Session (50-minutes each) via Zoom $1,250

This package offers everything from the Gold package plus such topics as:

  1. Managing Multiple Projects
  2. Organizing Students
  3. Social Media Automation 
  4. Advanced Evernote Techniques 
  5. Spreadsheet Management 
  6. Event Planning
  7. …and more. In fact, this package will be driven more by your individual needs than a pre-defined list.

Here are some of the outcomes you will realize:

  1. A clean desk
  2. Everything you must do in one place
  3. An empty email inbox
  4. Command over your technology
  5. Minimized interruptions
  6. The ability to keep multiple projects going and know where you are on each one
  7. Being able to find your “stuff”

How do you know if coaching is right for you?

We’ll schedule a 15-minute complimentary Discovery Call. You’ll be able to tell me about your situation, hear what I can offer, and decide on a package that’s right for you.

It all starts with one click: 

Let me know about you and your needs.