Book Study (for Alabama School Admins.)

Book Study (for Alabama School Admins.)

April 9, 2019

Are you going to be in [fill in the name of state] soon?

That’s a frequent question I get from readers. In the best of cases, someone passes on a copy of my book to key decision-makers. The result is an invitation to present to their conference or organization.

Outside of that, I most often have to say I don’t have anything on the calendar in their area.

Introducing the Book Study

The idea of a book study began when Eye on Education published the original edition of Get Organized! Individual groups would buy copies of the book, meet, and discuss how they were implementing what they read.

Alabama educators can now earn professional development credit through a book study. The study focuses on the 2nd edition of Get Organized! One person, a large group, or any combination in between can join.

Earning Professional Development Credit

Alabama educators who hold administrative certification can earn an ACLD Professional Learning Unit (PLU). We start a new section every Jan. 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. If you are an Alabama educator, go to PowerSchool Professional Learning. Log in, click on the “Courses” menu and search for the course number 301844. You can also download a flyer will all instructions here.

Want to be notified when signups for the new section begin? Join the email list and you will be the first to know.

If you are an educator from another state, maybe the book study can count towards your professional development requirements. Let’s get in touch to see what we would need to do to make that happen.

If your field is outside of education, maybe you would be able to earn continuing education units. Let’s talk.

What You Get…

When I wrote the second edition of Get Organized! I realized addressing technology would be a challenge. Today, technology impacts every part of our lives. Technology is ever-changing. So how do you write a book which is going to keep up with changes in technology?

The answer is to complement the book with other resources. This blog is an example.

That’s why the book addresses techniques that will work regardless of the software you have.

The book study provides an important component. The supporting material adds specifics about current software. For example, Chapter 2 of the online course gives you instructions on setting up and using Remember The Milk. That’s the digital to-do list I use. You will learn the techniques I use. You will see screenshots of setup.

You will also gain membership in a private Facebook group. That gives you access to me on a regular basis.

How Can I Take the Book Study?

After registering in PowerSchool, grab a copy of the book. You can order from the publisher. You can also order the book from Amazon.

Then, sign up for the course. The course is being hosted on Thinkific. You can pay with a credit card there. The online course will walk you through the entire book. Along the way, you will find exercises and quizzes. You can even share photos of what you have implemented…like a picture of your desk once you have established your Tickler File.

So What’s the Cost?

The cost of the book study is $97.  In addition, each person is responsible for securing a copy of the book.

Compare that price with the cost of a college course or convention registration (not to mention the travel costs). The price is also extremely competitive with other online courses.

Is There a Preview?

Yes. Go to the same page where you would purchase the course. Create an account for free. Then select “Free Trial.” You will gain access to the course introduction and take a self-assessment. The results will include suggestions on where to concentrate in the book to improve in each area.

In the free trial, you will also see the contents of each chapter in the course.

What People Are Saying…

This book was nothing short of AMAZING!!! I have never been more organized in my career! I learned so many great concepts and have put most, if not all, into practice. Thanks for an awesome course!

This was an excellent course! I thought I was organized prior to reading this book. Little did I know, I was far from it! This course has helped me organize my work and personal email, desk, files, tasks, projects, and more! The course was easy to navigate and the instructions were clear. I always knew what was required from me each week and was able to work at my own pace. I have already implemented strategies that I learned and have relieved so much stress from my life. Thank you Dr. Buck!

I have had so many scattered approaches that there is no telling how much time I have wasted worrying about and wondering where important things are located and when they are due. The concepts presented in this book have provided concrete steps to improve my time management skills and gain peace of mind.

Invest in Yourself

Every day, we make decisions about what we do with our money. Often, we overlook the most important opportunity… the opportunity to invest in ourselves.

  • How would you feel if your surroundings were more organized?
  • How would you feel if you could find things on your computer and mobile devices?
  • How would you feel if you could see all your responsibilities in one place?
  • How would you feel if your email was empty at the end of the day?
  • How would you feel if you had a handle on all of your projects and they were all on schedule?

Come on over and enroll today.