I have said many times that in our fast-moving world, we will do that which is easy. So much of our challenge, therefore, is to find ways to make quality things easy. Photo Story is a free program which allows ordinary people like you and me to make quality presentations which bring still pictures to life with movement, music, and narration.

One of my colleagues and friends, Pattie Thomas, presented a session at AETC on Photo Story 3. She has shared her PowerPoint slides at this site.

When our school system went through its District Accreditation, the opening presentation for the visiting committee consisted of a Photo Story. You may view that presentation by clicking here. You can also view another of these presentations, The Faces of Talladega City Schools, by clicking here. If asked for a password, simple click “cancel.” Mrs. Thomas created the later presentation. She and I worked together on the presentation for District Accreditation.

My first attempt at Photo Story resulted in a surprise Christmas present for wife that captured wonderful moments from our lives through photographs, music, and narration. It will remain a cherished keepsake and serve as proof that gifts do not have to be costly to be priceless.

I would have liked to have attended Mrs. Thomas’s session simply out of support for her if nothing else. I was unable to do so because I was presenting a session of my own at the same time. As it turned out, I probably couldn’t have squeezed into the room. While she was hoping for maybe 50 people, 200 people filled every seat and lined the walls!

If you have not experienced Photo Story, I highly recommend adding learning this program to your list of “things to do.” To start:

  1. View the end result–either of the two Photo Story presentations to which you can link from this post.
  2. View Mrs. Thomas’s PowerPoint presentation.
  3. View any of the Photo Story tutorials available on the Internet. One excellent tutorial can be found here.

When I found Photo Story, I found something easy enough I will actually use it!