Getting organized is such a major part of the teaching profession. The major thrust of today’s training was getting all of our “stuff” in order to have the handheld project up and going the first day of school–unpackaging every handheld, every keyboard, labeling every handheld, issuing caddies we will use to store and charge the handhelds, etc. There is still some work ahead between now and the start of school: charging the handhelds (I will be securing power strips for everyone that will allow half-a-dozen chargers to be plugged in at one time), syncing each handheld with the computer (so that the handheld will have a name and all of the software), and planning lessons using the handheld).

If we can get past the “learning curve,” I see us as being on our way to engaging activities for students with no papers to print out, duplicate, or shuffle.