Let’s set up our day for success with a digital task list. Last week we looked at how to enter tasks in Remember The Milk. Getting tasks in is easy. But how do you know you will see the right thing at the right time?

It’s really pretty simple and the video shows how. Every task gets a due date. That date answers the question, “When do I want to see this task again?” Don’t get carried away and put everything on the list for today.

Spread Tasks Across the Week

What’s a good day for you to run errands? Maybe it’s Saturday. So when you throw an errand on the list, take a second to give it Saturday’s date.

For me, Friday is a good day to check up on all the people that owe me things. So, all of those “expect to receive” tasks get a due date of Friday.

Spread your tasks out across the week. One of the great things about a digital list is if you want to move a task to another day, you just change the date. The task hops to the right place. No re-writing. And if I  don’t get everything done today, it’s no problem. The left-over tasks automatically roll to tomorrow.

Break the Day into Segments

Sometimes you have tasks that need to be done during a certain part of the day sometimes in the morning others that can only be done in the evening. I use the priority field to segment my list. I see my Fab 5 at the top, followed by things for the morning, things for the afternoon, and things for the evening.

Finally, I sort that list by priority. So, when I click the Today button, I see all the tasks for today and they are segmented according to the part of the day when I want to do them.

That’s a good stopping place for now. Continue entering the task that you have in Remember The Milk. Give every task a due date. Give every task a priority. Sort the list by priority. You have a list that’s organized for success.

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