Time Management

Thanks to everyone who participated in the #ALedchat on December 1. With a theme of “Organization Made Easy,” we talked about tools that help us get organized, our biggest organizational challenges, things others do which impact our productivity, and even a little on helping our students get organized. When we broached the subject of “biggest time-wasters in education,” can you believe “meetings” was high on the list?

Evernote struck a chord, and that’s not a surprise. Those who use it regularly understand its power. It seems some are going to revisit it after the discussion. Those who are reading this post and want to know more about Evernote will find additional posts on this blog. This link will bring a list of them to the screen.

Thanks to Jennifer Hogan for inviting me to be guest moderator. Also thanks to Jennifer for putting together the archive below:


You can also view the archive at this link.

Some questions can’t be answered in 140 characters. Stay tuned as we use this space to answer some of the questions and follow-up on some of the comments.