If you are unfamiliar with Evernote, it is a web-based service allowing you to store information and access it from anywhere: your computer, tablet, phone, or any computer in the world with Internet access. That’s the best one-sentence explanation I can offer. Not only can you access the information from anywhere, but you can also make changes to it from anywhere.

Time ManagementWe are used to storing “stuff” on our computers: documents, presentations, pictures, music, etc. Only a few years ago, the computer was the hub of our digital lives. The model has shifted to one where our information is stored in the cloud and we can access it from many devices. The more that model becomes the standard, the more important Evernote becomes.

I started using Evernote a year ago and wrote about it in this post. The ability to create a new note and include text, audio recordings, and photos, all stored in one note, was the selling point for me. The note I create on my phone shows up in Evernote on my computer desktop. Evernote has taken the storage of reference information to a whole new level.

Evernote has both a free account and a “Premium Account,” for which you gain more resources. I have the free account, which allows me to upload 60MB of information a month.

The purpose of this post is to invite you to create your own account in Evernote. I will admit that there is something in it for me. Evernote has started a “refer a friend” program. If you use the link I provide to you, not only will you be creating an account, but you receive the Premium version for a month. After that, you can pay for the Premium account, or your account will revert to the free version.

What do I get out of the deal? Well, when enough people use my link to create accounts, I get addition storage. To get started, click on the link below and create your account. Once you understand Evernote, you will be glad you did.