Before we get into the meat of this article, I am humbled and honored to be selected #1 in the “Time Management” category by “Global Gurus Top 30.” I have been named in the top 30 each year since 2017 and have been ranked #1 for three years in a row. With 30% of the criteria being popular vote, my thanks go to all those who support the work we do and took the time to vote.

The New Book

Why does the world need another time management book? The answer is easy. The world changes. So too, the demands on our time change.

When I started teaching time management, our world was pretty much paper-based. The major concepts were how to control the flow of paper, organize a paper planner, and control the telephone and drop-in visitors. Oh, how the world has changed! And it really changed in the past year.

If It Hadn’t Been for Technology…

If it hadn’t been for technology, we wouldn’t have had school. Many businesses would have ceased to exist. But because of technology, remote learning and remote work allowed us to keep going, and in many ways, we’re going to go back not to “normal,” but to a better normal.

We’ve been wanting to get away from paper. Well, be careful what you wish for. This last year gave it to us. But it suddenly required us to improve our use of digital tools.

That’s what my new book is about, and I could use your input.

Get Organized Digitally

My last book was called Get Organized! The addition of one word to the title gives you an idea about what’s inside. If you want to organize your life digitally, I want this to be the book for you.

We’ll talk about digital task lists and go into enough detail that you have a workable system. As we talk about digital calendars, I think you’ll be surprised at how much we address your ability to have things added to your calendar automatically.

I include a hefty chapter on Evernote (so hefty I am having to make it two chapters). The timing here is good given the recent enhancement with Evernote.

So Here’s My Question…

When you read the title Get Organized Digitally, what specific things would you hope to see me talk about? Be as specific or general as you would like. Click the button and give me your feedback.

Thanks for your feedback! The poll is now closed and writing in full force!