I was visiting a blog I regularly read (created with Blogger) and saw something entirely new. The blog had several different pages. In addition to the current posts and archives of previous posts, I now saw links several other pages:

  • A message from the principal
  • A listing of faculty and staff
  • A listing of “8 Characteristics of a Good School”

Click here to take a look at the blog I am talking about.

How can you do this with your own blog? First you must update your Blogger editor. Here are the instructions:

  1. Log into Blogger and choose your blog
  2. Click on settings
  3. Scroll down to the “Global Settings” section
  4. Beside “Select post editor,” select “Updated editor”
  5. Click on “Save Settings” at the bottom

Now, whenever you go to the “Posting” tab, you will not only see a link to create a new post or edit posts, but you will also see a link to “Edit Pages.” Clicking here allows you to create a new page!
When you update your editor, there are other advantages. For example, it makes positioning images in your post (such as the Blogger icon in this post) much easier.You can read about these improvements by clicking on this link.