As of today, this blog has a new title! The driving reason for the change is in preparation for the publication of a new book.

Over a decade ago, I found myself reading practically everything on the subject of time management I could find. The research all fed a dissertation entitled A Study of the Time Management Practices of Alabama Principals. The work that led to that dissertation also spawned the original workshop I started in 1997, a workshop that has evolved over the years as the needs of the participaints have grown and changed.

A little less than a year, Bob Sickles, President of Eye on Education, contacted me. After having read my article in “The 24 Hour Principal” issue of Principal magazine and reading parts of this blog, Bob contacted me about the possibility of writing a book. What followed has been a wonderful journey as I have attempted to harness the verbal message presented for the last 10 years in a face-to-face format and transform it into the written word for an larger audience.

What make this book different from other books on organization or time management already on the market? This book makes a contribution to the literature in two ways:

First, it is written with the school leader in mind. Books typically approach the subject from the standpoint of the business world. We must take and adapt them for our purposes. The scenarios in this book are from education and the problems addressed are the real problems which face us every day.

Secondly, the book provides a comprehensive system for getting organized and managing time. Many books provide a smogasboard of suggestions and stop there. This book goes further and ties it all together. We handle the paper, the ideas, the digital data, and the people aspects of the job.

Making a decision about the title was actually one of the last tasks. The idea on which we finally settled–Get Organized! Time Management for School Leaders was a suggestion for one of the people who reviewed the manuscript.

As of now, the expected date of publication is this Christmas!