Evernote has been the king of the notetaking space for a decade. Recent upgrades and plans for the future suggest the king plans to continue that reign. We’ll talk about where Evernote has been, what’s happening now, and what you need to do about it to take full advantage of the new Evernote.

Where Evernote has been

Evernote users have always been able to access their information through five different platforms:

  1. Evernote Web (www.evernote.com)
  2. Evernote for Windows (software downloaded to your Windows computer)
  3. Evernote for Mac (software downloaded to your Mac computer)
  4. Evernote for iOS (app for your iPhone or IPad)
  5. Evernote for Android (app for your Android phone or tablet)

Each platform had a slightly different look and slightly different features. The desktop software (Evernote for Windows and Evernote for Mac) had been far superior to Evernote Web in performance and features.

Where Evernote is going

The new Evernote offers the same look and features across all five platforms.

The New Evernote Web

The first step was a significant improvement to Evernote Web. Here is what’s new. Also, take a look at this article which tells you what’s new in the note editor. If you currently use Evernote, You probably already have the new version. In Evernote Web, look for your name in the upper-left corner and click the caret beside it. The old version was Version 6. For the new version, they skipped all the way to Version 10.

The New iOS App

The next step was the release of Version 10 for iOS. It’s available and can be downloaded here.

The New Evernote Desktop Software

After that was the release of Version 10 for Windows and for Mac. You can get that download here. The site recognizes whether you are using a Windows machine or a Mac and downloads the proper software.

The New Android App

The final step is the new Android app, which will be coming soon (probably within a few weeks). In the meantime, the current Android app works fine.

The “Two Device” Conundrum: What You Need to Do

The Change in 2016

From its beginning, Evernote offered a free plan. That plan allowed users to have the Evernote app on every mobile device and download the desktop software to as many computers as desired.

In 2016, Evernote began limiting users of the free plan (Evernote Basic) to having Evernote installed on only two “devices.” The Evernote app on a phone would count as a device, the Evernote app on a tablet would count as another, Evernote downloaded to the desktop computer would be a third, Evernote downloaded to the laptop would be a fourth, etc. Accessing Evernote via the web (Evernote Web), however, did not count as a “device.”

The change to a two-device limit upset some users. I was one of them. So, I decided to leave Evernote. Google Drive would become the place to house my notes. I even found a program that would allow me to move the data for free.

My experiment lasted exactly one day. I wrote about the differences I saw in this post. Seeing how valuable Evernote was, I upgraded to “Premium” and have forever been happy with that decision.

My Advice Then

My advice for users of Evernote Basic (free plan) has always been to pick the computer you use the most and download the Evernote desktop software to it. For any other computer, use Evernote Web. Download the Evernote app for your phone, thereby providing access to your information from anywhere.

That strategy gave you access to your information regardless of where you were. The desktop software plus the app for your phone gave you your two allowable devices for the free account.

The Change in the “Two Device” Rule

Because of the improvements in the new Evernote Web, Evernote Web is now considered one of the two “devices.” Of course, you can access the web from any of your computers. For that matter, with your Evernote username and password, you can log into any computer that has Internet access.

For the Evernote Basic user, that only leaves one “device.” That one needs to be the mobile phone.

The new “Two device” rule takes effect on October 28. That means if you already have Evernote on two “devices,” you’ll have to give up one.

My Advice Now

If you currently use Evernote Premium, make sure you have the new Evernote Version 10. Use the links above to download what you need. Premium users can already access Evernote from as many devices as desired.

If you currently use Evernote Basic (free plan), you have a decision:

  1. Stay with Evernote Basic.
  2. Upgrade to Evernote Premium.

If You Upgrade

If you go ahead and make the decision now to upgrade, you have two advantages:

  1. You don’t have to worry about dropping Evernote from a “device.”
  2. You will get a discount to upgrade. Evernote is offering a 25% discount off the first year of Evernote for those who upgrade their account by November 30. (Normally $69.99/year)

If You Stay With Evernote Basic

You can stay with the free plan and enjoy a great experience with Evernote. Use Evernote Web on every computer you have. Use the Evernote app on your phone. There’s your strategy. But, you have to do one more thing to keep from running into problems.

You need to “revoke access” for any other device currently running Evernote. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Log into Evernote Web.
  2. Click on your name in the upper-left corner.
  3. Click “Settings.”
  4. Click “Devices” in the left column.
  5. You’ll see the devices which have access to Evernote. Click “Revoke access” to remove.

Is the New Evernote Better?

It depends on who you ask. In the process of adding features to Evernote Web, it did temporarily remove some lesser-used features of the desktop software. Long-time users who have become attached to one or more of those features are upset.

Others see the bigger picture. They’ve already found workarounds for any features they no longer see. They appreciate the consistent look and feel across platforms. Over time, software can become bloated as little features are added here and there. The new Evernote feels clean.

Can I Start an Evernote Account?

Evernote always has room for people who want an easy way to store information from anywhere, retrieve it from anywhere, and share it from anywhere.

If this sounds like you, why not create a free Evernote account today? Kick the tires for free. You have until November 30 to grab a 25% discount on your first year of Evernote Premium.