College football schedule
Around this time of year, rivalries are being played, conference championship races are coming into focus, and the hype for the road to the national championship is in full swing. Every Saturday brings with it must-see games.

How do you stay on top of who is playing who on TV and when? Television schedules are often not set far in advance. Even games as close as two weeks out are listed as “TBA.”

The complete college football schedule at my fingertips

I found a site that gives me the information I need in a very concise form:

As you see, the site lists games only for the future, so as the season progresses, I am not scrolling through past events. The game time (listed in Central Time) and television network for each game is listed. Games for the future, along with time and television commitments as known, are listed.

In my digital to-do list, I created a task that reads “Plan football games to watch.” In the note section of that task, I paste¬†the URL for this site. The URL is a clickable link taking me straight to the schedule.

I set the task to repeat weekly, showing up every Thursday. So, every Thursday, viewing the schedule of games for the weekend is a task which is available for me.

Sure, I would probably wind up seeing advertisements for the big games anyway. But that one task on my list serves as a trigger to go to the schedule, plan the games I want to watch, and put them on my calendar. One less thing to remember. Putting the little things like this on “autopilot” is one of the chief ways I am able to give my attention to many things, yet keep the stress level very low.