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Monday’s post explored Netvibes as an alternative to iGoogle following Google’s announcement that the popular start page would shut down on November 1, 2013. iGoogle users will naturally look at the “gadgets” they current have on their iGoogle pages and look for parallel “widgets” in Netvibes. What happens when you can’t find a widget you need?

When You Can’t Find a Widget You Need
Many of the iGoogle gadgets function within the start page, but clicking on the gadget takes you to the actually website. What happens when you can’t find the parallel gadget on Netvibes?

Go to the green “Add Content” button and click “Essential widgets.” Look for a widget labeled “Link module” and add it to your Netvibes page.

This widget allows you to add a title and URL for a single site. You can add as many of the “Link module” gadgets as you wish. Each one will take you to a single site.
For example, I have a gadget on my iGoogle page for Google Reader. To this point, I have not found a way to add that Google Reader into my page. So, I added a “Link Module” widget. Clicking on it opens a new browser tab and takes me to Google Bookmarks. It’s not the same as being able to scroll through posts on the start page; however, I almost always clicked on the gadget to go straight to the page Google Bookmarks page anyway.

A Link Module is Used to Link to a Single Site

The other major void was widget for Google Bookmarks. I did find a “Bookmarks” widget. I was able to export my Google Bookmarks and import them into this widget. Because these were no longer “Google Bookmarks,” clicking the “Google Bookmarks” bookmarklet would not add new items to the Bookmarks widget on the Netvibes page. For that reason, I deleted that widget. Instead, I added another “Link Module” widget for Google Bookmarks.  

On Friday, we will finish the discussion of Netvibes by exploring how you can share tabs or widgets with other people.

Who else has created a page on Netvibes? How do you like it so far?