If you are attending NAESP, I invite you to my workshop, “Managing Digital Data With Ease.”

Today’s school leader is flooded with an every-increasing amount of information, and much of it comes in digital form. This session focuses on practical tools and techniques for managing digital data. Participants learn how to establish a logical filing system on computers and how to backup data easily so that nothing is lost when the hard drive fails. The session examines some lesser-known capabilities of Google, the convenience of iGoogle, and the potential of Del.icio.us. Participants are introduced to a method for using one document to house a year’s worth of digital documents, websites, videos, and presentations, all with clickable links. Finally, the session explores e-mail best practice and offers a methodology for getting the e-mail Inbox empty every day.

The session will be held on Monday, April 6, beginning at 8:00.