During my search for an iGoogle replacement, I looked at Myfav.es. The service is ridiculously simple. The video below explains how to use it. If you blink, you will miss it:

See what I mean.

I created an account, and here is what I produced in just a few minutes.:

If Myfave.es were my homepage, then each time I open my browser on any of my devices, I would see this array of icons. Clicking on any one would take me to that site.

The only control you will see is a cog in the lower right corner. When you click it, you can add a featured site, click “All Sites” to choose from a wide array of sites (Google Calendar, Evernote, Fox News, etc.), or “Create a Fave.” The “Create a Fave” option lets you choose an ion and assign any URL to it.

Once you have added an icon to your page, mousing over the bottom of the icon displays a cog that allows you to flip the icon over and either change its URL or delete it.

What I Like About Myfav.es

  1. The look is uncluttered and attractive. The icons are large and colorful.
  2. The site is simple to create.
  3. Like other personalized homepages, if you are on a computer other than your own, you can log into Myfav.es and you are viewing all of your stuff.

What I Don’t Like About Myfav.es
You must click on an icon to see anything. With iGoogle or Netvibes, we have a “dashboard” where we can read a great deal of information without ever leaving that page. Clicking one of the gadgets/widgets would take us to the full site where we could see more detail.

I want the “dashboard” effect, the ability to keep my most common tools in front of me and see information without leaving the homepage. For that reason, Netvibes became my choice over Myfaves.

Special Implications for Schools
In any classroom or computer lab, there are generally a few sites which students access regularly. For example, elementary schools use Accelerated Reader, STAR, and search the holdings of the school library, just to name three. Teachers try to make it as easy as possible for students to get to these programs. Created shortcuts on the desktop has been a common way to solve the problem. Of course, that means going to computers individually to create those shortcuts. As changes are made, it also means gonig to each computer to make them.

With Myfaves, the only thing which must be done on individual computers is to set the homepage to Myfaves. After that, the teacher makes a change in one place. Myfaves makes an attractive homepage each time the browser is opened. Students are presented with commonly-accessed sites featured in large, colorful tiles. I would think the younger the student, the more benefit teachers will find with Myfaves as the homepage.

Is anyone already using Myfav.es? Have you found any advantages I have not mentioned? Are there concerns?