While at the National Middle School Association convention back in November, I met the vendors for MyVocabulary.com.

The site is designed for upper elementary through high school. The whole site is free. Students do their work on computer. No login is needed. Their work is scored instantly. There is an option for students to e-mail their scores to their teacher. All they have to do is type the correct e-mail address.

I especially like this link:

The link puts the whole site in chronological order as the school year happens. So, when Constitution Day rolls around, and you are required by law if you take federal funds to do an activity related to the Constitution, you can do vocabulary activities instead of listening to the principal recite the Preamble or some of the other “just-do-it-and-get-it-done” type activities that take place all too often around the country.

The site is one well worth exploring. The price is certainly right and the content looks great.