When you create your blog, you have a number of options under the “Settings” tab. Here are a few suggestions regarding the choices available to you:

  • “Basic” link- Answer “Yes” to every choice.
  • “Publishing” link- One way to help other people find your log is to check “Yes” to “Notify weblogs.com”
  • “Comments” link:
  1. Who can comment?-Select “Anyone”
  2. Comments Default for Posts?- Select “New posts have comments”
  3. Back links- I have selected “Hide”
  4. Show word verification for comments?- Selecting “Yes” keeps spam from being posted to your comments
  5. Enable comment verification?- Selecting “Yes” sends comments to your e-mail for your approval. This feature prevents inappropriate material from being included in comments.
  • “Archive” link- “Monthly” is a good choice. Answer “Yes” to “Enable post pages.”

In the July 2005 issue of PC Today, Vince Cogley gives several suggestions for increasing traffic in your site:

  • Answer “Yes” to “Enable post pages.” and also enable your site feed. Enabling the site feed will allow others to “subscribe” to your blog.
  • Answer “Yes” to “Notify weblogs.com”
  • Add your blog to Google’s index by going to www.google.com/addurl.html