A growing number of people are opting for a cell phone which can do far more than make a phone call. The BlackBerry has the capability to be a total life organizer that fits neatly in your pocket. However, a lack of training exists on how to use its capabilities. Contents of the workshop include:

  • Enter it once and forget it—The magic of repeating appointments and repeating tasks.
  • When do I want to see this again?—Make that decision as you create a task. Watch it disappear and then re-appear on just the right day.
  • How convenient! —Program the two convenience keys to open your calendar and task list.
  • The one and only address book you will ever need—E-mail, address, phone number, birthday, and a wealth of personal information. “Contacts” will handle it all.
  • The “Fab Five”—Making sure what’s really important gets done.
  • Stress be gone—The crystal clear, organized task list.
  • A wealth of information at your fingertips—What to keep in “Notes.”
  • “In” to “empty” every day—Becoming the master of e-mail.
  • Taking your data anywhere—How to synchronize Outlook with a smartphone.
  • reQall here—From your voice to your e-mail on the fly.
  • The Devil is in the details—How to store and access all of the details related to an appointment, task or contact.
  • Find it fast—Take advantage of the tremendous search capabilities of the handheld.
  • Tricks and tips—Use these timesavers to make handheld experience more productive. 

The workshop will be held June 16 from 1:00 to 4:00. Registration is free and open to the entire state. Registration is done through STIPD. Search for PD title number UMINS10.