My PlayBook has a great camera and taking pictures is easy. This post addresses two points any user would eventually have:

  1. What is the easiest way to transfer pictures from my PlayBook to my desktop computer?
  2. How can I organize photographs on my PlayBook?

I had been using my USB cable to “sync” PlayBook pictures with a folder on my computer. Organizing the pictures on the PlayBook into “albums” was something, however, which alluded me. After doing a search, I found others had the same question. Here is an option that is easy, gives me a better way to get pictures onto the PlayBook, and at the same times gives me a simple way to create albums on the PlayBook. This method does assume the PlayBook and the computer are both attached to the same Wi-Fi.

  • On the PlayBook go to “Storage & Settings.” Turn on “File Sharing.” Turn on “Wi-Fi Sharing.”

  • On the computer, go to “Start.”
  • In the “Search files and programs” line on your computer, enter your PlayBook’s IP address. To find this address, from the PlayBook’s home screen, swip down to reveal the settings menus. Go to “Wi-Fi.” Click on the “?” in the lower left corner. Under “Diagnostic Information,” go to “Internet Connection.” The “IP Address” is what you will use. Begin with “\” making what you enter look something like: \

  • The window you will see includes a file called “media.” Open it. 

  • If prompted for a username and password, the username can be found by going to your PlayBook’s “Storage & Sharing” and then to “Network Identification.” The username that you will supply is the username diplayed here. 
  • If prompted for a password, you will also supply whatever password you used in the “Password Protect” line on the “Storage & Sharing Screen.” 

  • Open the “photos” folder and and create folders as needed within it. The folder names will correspond to the albums you wish to create.
  • Drag photos into the photos folder as desired.
  • You will probably also see photos in the “camera” folder which you wish to move to your newly-created album folders.Simply open a separate window and drag them over. 
  • You can rename photos, delete photos, and drag additional photos into or out of the folders you create.
  • Your results will appear on your PlayBook. Here are several albums I just created.

This technique makes transferring pictures from the PlayBook to the computer quick and easy. Creating albums is effortless.

I now have organized sets of pictures on my PlayBook. Plugging the micro-HDMI cable into a TV, any photo album can be displayed as a full-screen slideshow on the TV.