Quite a few people have commented on the new look of my monthly e-mail. Basically the question comes in the form, “How did you do that?” Let me seize this “teachable moment” to outline what I did, but more importantly the wonder that preceded it.

Several weeks ago, I was in the Orlando area chairing an accreditation visit for a school system. While waiting for my flight in the Orlando airport, I began reading Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Black Book of Connections, a wonderful easy-read treatise loaded with practical tips on connecting with other people. One of the topics he talked about was the value of the e-zine.

The question I took from reading those few pages was, “How could I turn my monthly e-mail message into an e-zone?” Once again, the question was more important than the answer. A quick Google search for “design e-zine” resulted in this link.

In just a matter of second, the question yielded an answer. I don’t know if the instructions I got from that hit were the best on the web. I probably could have spent the rest of the day exploring all of the information from that search alone. However, the hit that took me all of 5 seconds to find more than satisfied my needs and answered my question.

We are in an age where many average people walk around with the Internet in their pockets. Answers are only seconds away. Questions, good questions, are priceless. Wonder is priceless, and a commodity that is more valuable now that ever before. A little piece of serendipity–After using the word “wonder” a couple of times, I just put the phrase “wonder of it all” in a Google search. The first hit was well worth viewing.