Thanks to everyone who attended today’s workshop “5 Habits to Help Students Get Their Act Together.”

To download the digital version of the handout, complete with clickable links, go to my website and click the Free Resources link. You will see the handout at the top of the right hand column. This link will also download the handout. Remember to use the password we gave you during the workshop.

If you are interested in adding to your iGoogle page some of the same gadgets I have on mine, here is an easy way to get them. As you click each link, you will be taken to a page that describes the gadget and let’s you click a button to automatically add it to your iGoogle page.

Google Bookmarks
Google Reader
Yahoo News
Dropbox URL Shortener
CNN Technology
MapQuest Driving Directions
Area/Zip Code Lookup
Document to PDF
Google Map Search
Portfolio Monitor
Flight Status

Want to set up a Dropbox account? Here is an easy way for you to set up an account and get an extra 250MB of free storage for both you and me. Click here to sign up.

We mentioned briefly about students being able to take tests on the computer which are instantly graded and item analysis conducted. Here is a post that goes into more depth on that concept.

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