Content creation has gotten harder, but I hope it’s just gotten easier.

I started my blog almost 20 years ago. Back then, it was easy. Compose your text. Schedule it for the day you want it to post. Done!

Then later, we started needing to find at least one appropriate picture to add because pictures are more engaging than just text.

And it gets more complex…

About 6 years ago, someone suggested I add a podcast element to it. So, we started recording that text, editing it, and embedding it in the post.

Just before the pandemic, I started also doing a video to post on YouTube and embed in the blog post. So now we have recording the video, editing the video, uploading the video, and embedding the video.

Of course, we all want to drive traffic to that content, right? So that means banging out tweets for Twitter and uploading an engaging image on Instagram and including a caption.

Now, people are doing YouTube shorts where they’re talking bits and pieces of their videos and posting them. We have Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories. I’ve done just a very little along that line and I am at a crossroads. Just how much time can I afford to make this short-form video?

Time to make it easy…

Maybe I’ve found an answer and I want to share that with you today. I had a very productive conversation with the folks at I’m testing it for the first time with this video.

Here’s how it works:

  • I make my YouTube video, just as I have been doing, just like what you are watching now. I post it to YouTube.
  • Then I go into my account and provide the YouTube link.
  • creates these snippets. Now, this is my first time trying, so I am learning. Using AI, LiveLink will extract the best parts of the video. It will recognize where my face is so that I am always in focus, and it will compose the snippets in the correct orientation for social media platforms.

What I will do is take the results of what gives me and post it where you can see it.

Here is an actual snippet from this week’s video.

After composing the original video and uploading it to YouTube, all I did was put the link into the video into AI did the rest.

If you go to my social media channels during the week, you’ll see where I am sharing a snippet there:




Like all things, you get better with use, so keep in mind you’re seeing my very first try. If I can do this, you can do this.

Now, a disclaimer, I do give a commission to those who sign up for an account using my link.

We are entering an exciting time. Some people are scared of AI. They think it’s going to take their job. Not likely. But what is likely is that they will lose their job to someone who knows how to use AI to automate mundane things so they can focus on their creative genius.

So this week, I’m learning. Next week, I’ll come back and tell you more about my experience with actually creating the snippets. Please join me then.

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