If you make long-form video and want an easy way to make sort-form content using AI, this one’s for you.

Last week, we talked about my first attempt at using LiveLink.ai. If you missed it, go to FrankBuck.org/livelink. After making my usual video and uploading it to YouTube, I put its URL into LiveLink. In the video, you will see what LiveLink selected, turned into vertical video, and allowed me to download with just a click.

From my computer, I was able to:

  • Open Instagram
  • Click to create a new reel
  • Drag the clip in

Instagram Reels puts the content in front of people who are not yet part of your audience.

Once you have the content on Instagram Reels, click the little share symbol and share it as an Instagram story. With just a couple of clicks, it’s in front of people who are already following you.

I did find I got more engagement from that clip than anything else I’ve ever put on Instagram Reels. Maybe it’s the nature of the video and the hashtags being used. After all, it’s a clip about creating short-form content on a platform that’s all about short-form content.

In the video, you’ll see another example. I recently posted about my Evernote tagging system. I put the YouTube link into LiveLink. You’ll see what it created for me.

You’ll get the most bang for the buck the longer your original video is. LiveLink will select more clips for you. You’ll stand a better chance of getting clips you really like.

So why not give it a try? Go to bit.ly/frankbucklivelink.

You can put a link to a YouTube video in the field and let LiveLink work its magic. The video doesn’t even have to be yours. I tried it on another channel and was able to make short-form video from another site. Just be careful with copyright violations.

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