This blog is the heart and soul of my online presence. A blog post is long enough to communicate an idea, back it up with examples and supporting arguments, and leave you with an invitation as to the action you may want to take. Blogs are also ever-changing. New content appears regularly, and should.

Sometimes, the message is short, and that’s where Facebook and Twitter come in handy. When someone else has posted content of interest, or when top news stories interface with the subjects central to this blog, those two avenues provide quick and easy ways to bring that content to you.

Secondly, I use Twitter and Facebook for short highlights about my day-to-day professional activities. Third, when new blog posts appear here, Facebook and Twitter are great vehicles to let you know, so that you never miss a post.

Finally, I hope to see the Facebook page grow into a place for discussion. For the most part, people seldom comment on blog posts, but regularly comment on Facebook. In addition, Facebook automatically brings the new information to your page, and once you comment, you are notified about other people’s comments.

If you have a Twitter account, I invite you to follow me. If you have a Facebook account, consider “Liking” our page.  By the way, when the Facebook page reaches 200 “Likes,” one of those 200 will receive a free copy of Get Organized! or Organization Made Easy!

I hope this blog brings you information that makes your life a little easier and more enjoyable in some way. I hope these other outlets will be helpful to you as well.