Leslie Josel is an ADHD-academic and parenting coach. She is an award-winning entrepreneur and is the founder of Order Out of Chaos. It’s a virtual company whose mission is to help parents guide their students to success in learning and in life. The inspiration came when her son was first diagnosed with ADHD.

Leslie is also the creator of the award-winning Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management®, a planner that helps students develop time management skills. She is the award-winning author of three books, including “How to Do it Now Because it’s Not Going Away: An Expert Guide to Getting Stuff Done. (Lerner Publishing).

 A respected resource on ADHD and Executive Functioning, Leslie writes the weekly “Dear ADHD Family Coach®” column for ADDitude Magazine, the premiere magazine for adults and children with ADHD.  She speaks to audiences all over the world helping them utilize their resources to best navigate the task-driven world in which they live.

And for the last six years, Leslie has been named by Global Gurus as one of the top 20 Time Management experts in the world.

In this episode, Leslie Josel and I discuss the following topics:

  • Leslie’s own family experiences with ADHD
  • What helps ADHD students and what does not
  • The importance of knowing how long something takes
  • Why she recommends analog clocks/watches
  • Best planning tool for students
  • Use of planners schoolwide

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