“Many of our school leaders (principals, superintendents, central office administrators) need help when it comes to digital technologies. A lot of help, to be honest. ” Those are the words of Scott McLeod.

In an attempt to improve the situation, McLeod has invited bloggers around the country to step up to the plate with their suggestions, and for all of us to do so today. The initiative is being called Leadership Day 2010, and you can read about it here.

Last year, I participated in this event, and in a post called “Focused or Fragmented,” I talked about why I think principals need to blog. Since that time, I have seen the idea gain steam.

This past spring, “Improve Communication One Blog at a Time” appeared in Principal magazine. More principals are seeing the benefits of the blog as a tool to communicate with faculty and staff. One shining example is Heights’ Highlights. Principal Robin Gilbert of Middleton Elementary School in Middle Heights, Idaho uses the blog to keep faculty and staff informed (both during school and during holidays), ask for their input through polls, direct them to documents stored electronically, and acknowledge the good which is going within the school.

Another example is the brand-new “4 Young Teachers.” Principal Pattie Thomas of Raymond L. Young Elementary School (Talladega, AL) has for nearly three years maintained a blog to communicate with parents. This second blog is a warehouse for all of the various schedules and forms, thereby eliminated much of the need for a faculty handbook. The warmth of this blog replaces the random e-mails principals have traditionally relied upon.

Kerry Palmer, middle school principal at Trinity Presbyterian School (Montgomery, AL) has maintained blogs for both parents and staff for two years. Palmer’s Pen keeps faculty and staff informed year-round. The re-designed look is attractive and serves a great model for others.

I hope other principals will take this opportunity to start their own blogs.