In the October 2008 issue of Principal Leadership (page 21), Doug Reeves addresses the topics of leadership and management:

Well, I think we have to be very careful about avoiding the false dichotomy between leadership and management. Whether you’re talking about the leader of a large, complex school system or the leader in a classroom, all sorts of routines and protocols–plain old garden variety management–have a lot to do with allowing us to be successful and creative. I think that people see that there’s a divergence between creativity and visionary leadership at one extreme and dull old management on the other.

My argument is, you don’t get to do the creative and visionary work, whether you’re a teacher or a superintendent, without having attended to the nuts and bolts of time management, people management, project management–getting the right things done in the right order at the right time.

Leadership and management, then, are not mutually exclusive. The second is a necessary element of the first. I have said many time that every good thing thing that we do for our schools, our familes, or communities, or ourselves is done through the dimension of time. Manage time well and the possibilities are unlimited. Manage time poorly and everything becomes more difficult.