New Technology

It seems people have always had problems with learning new technology. As you watch this short video, you can’t help but think of modern-day parallels.

Does this conversation remind you or a conversation you have had with someone?


If you are an Alabama educator who is attending AETC, I hope you will join me for 4 sessions:

Wednesday, June 8  (Sheraton Ballroom III)

Evernote Made Easy…..8:00 

Your information is no good if you can’t find it when you need it. Evernote gives you a place to create and house reference information, photos, and audio. You can create it and retrieve it from anywhere. Learn a system that is easy and comprehensive.

The Magnificent Seven: What to Look for in a Digital Task List…..10:15

In a digital world, keeping “to-dos” digitally is a huge productivity boost. Learn the seven criteria to look for when choosing a tool and why each one is important. Create your system while you are in the session. From getting email empty to creating tasks with your voice, you learn it all here.

Thursday, June 9 (East Hall, Room E/D)

Google Sheets Add-ons: Increase Your Productivity…..1:30    

Google Sheets offer many “add-ons.” They are free and easy to install. We will focus on some of the best. The goal is to help you automate mundane tasks and make your workflow easier. If you want to get organized and make it look easy, this session is for you.

Branding Made Easy: Telling Your Story Through Social Media…..2:45 – 3:45 p.m.

If you don’t tell your school’s story, someone else will, and it won’t be as flattering. Learn a social media strategy and how to make all the components work together. It can be efficient, easy, and fun.

You can register for AETC here.