Several weeks ago, Jason Womack was my guest as we talked about the hand-written note. Something happened when we ended the recording. In fact, we talked at that point about how I wish I had let it run and the impact it could make on helping people with remote learning.

Jason dropped the green screen that provided the professional appearance. What Jason demonstrated blew my mind. That’s why he’s back today.

You’ll hear about leadership

Jason and I start with a typical introduction. But don’t leave the video too soon. Just wait until he drops the green screen and the reason for bringing this to you begins. And that part is important. Specifically, you’ll hear about 3 things leaders can do to change a life:

  1. Making awkward eye contact
  2. Having a meaningful conversation
  3. Following-up appropriately

That alone is worth your time. But as you watch Jason move around the room, you may wonder what kind of camera crew he’s using After all, the camera follows his every move. The mic picks him up with the same clarity no matter how near or far he is.

But you’ll wonder about the technology

You’ll enjoy the message, but you’ll also wonder, “How did he do that?” You’ll learn about that as well.

The hardware is called the DTEN. It’s an all-in-one videoconferencing system for Zoom. Learn more about the hardware on their website.

We’re all trying to figure out remote learning

Interaction between teacher and student or presenter and audience has changed since March 2020. We’re all trying to figure out how to bring the best experience to others. That’s the purpose of this post.

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