For those who may be new to this blog, the past month has been special for several reasons:

  • Organization Made Easy!: Tools for Today’s Teachers was released a few days ago.
  • January was national “Get Organized Month.”
  • This blog turned 5 years old a few months ago.

To celebrate this trilogy, readers saw the following occurrences on this blog:

  • Every day featured a new post…well, sort of. Actually, each day’s post was one of my favorites from the last 5 years, more or less a “best of” series.
  • Eye on Education teamed up with us to feature blog posts from her on their blog.
  • Eye on Education featured a story from my teaching career in their “Tales from a Teacher’s Heart” series.

In February, we will resume a schedule of posting new content every other day. At present, there is plenty of material waiting in line to be presented in this space. All of it is designed to help you navigate through life a little more successfully, with a little less stress, and a smile on your face!