Thanks to the faculty at Oak Mountain Middle School for a super 1/2 day workshop. With a student body approaching 1,300 and a faculty of approximately 80, this is a school with many activities going on simultaneously. Staying organized, communicating well with each other, and keeping the stress level low is important in a school that large.

As we discussed with the faculty, not everything we covered will resonate equally well with everyone. For some, the tickler file was the magic of the day. For others, the idea of using the one “signature tool” to keep it all together was paramount. For still others, the idea of “drag and drop” to get e-mail from “In” to “Empty” provided the “aha” moment.

It was good see great friends Linda Peveler, Bill Sellers, and Gaye McKinnon.

Since the day the school opened, personnel have always answered the phone was the greeting, “It’s a great day at Oak Mountain Middle School!” I certainly enjoyed my day with this talented group. For any faculty who would like to sign up for my monthly e-mail newsletter but missed filling out a slip, just click here and tell me to add you to the list.