For those who attend “The End of Paper Forms” session, this post is a follow-up to that session. Our last example was the use of the form aspect of GoogleDocs to allow students to take a test on a GoogleDocs form, have the answers appear in the GoogleDocs spreadsheet, have the individual answers marked correct or incorrect, have the spreadsheet calculate the individual student scores, and have the spreadsheet conduct item analysis on each question.

If you would like to take the sample test, click the link below:

View a sample test here.

You may wish to make up a name, since I have set this example up so that anybody can see the results for everyone’s work.

After you have taken the test, want to see how you did? Click this link:
Here is what the teacher sees.

You will see two tabs at the bottom of the screen. On the tab marked “Enter Answer Key,” you will be able to view your answers. On the tab marked “View Results,” you will see your work graded. You will also see the graded work of others, and an item analysis for each question.