I am continuing to enjoy iGoogle as my home page. In a previous post, I told you about the organization of my iGoogle page. In this post, I focus specifically on the “Google Bookmarks,” one of the sections on that page.

In that square, I want to see those sites I use most frequently. In addition, I want access to my most commonly used forms stored on our server. Often, it helps to see an example of what someone else has done to serve as a starting point for setting up your own. Here is a list of the links in my Google Bookmarks:

  • Accelerated Reader (so that I can view data and run reports)
  • Alabama State Dept. of Education
  • Blogger
  • Data Warehouse (a new feature from the Alabama State Dept. of Education)
  • Delicious (so that I can access all of my bookmarks)
  • Field Trip Request (a common form stored on our server)
  • Frank Buck (my own blog)
  • Leave Request (a common form stored on our server)
  • The Daily Motivator
  • PDWeb (professional development records)
  • SETWeb (special education records)
  • Talladega City Schools (our blog for the community)
  • Teach Talladega (our blog for employees)
  • Travel Form (a common form stored on our server)

You can see a screen shot of my iGoogle home page here.