I have made the statement more times than I can count that “I learned something every day this summer.” That statement holds true in a number of arenas, but especially in the area of technology. One of the neatest things from my summer experiences is discovering “iGoogle.”

I shared all of this information in an e-mail with a friend, so to kill two birds with one stone, here is basically and copy/paste of that e-mail for others who might like to have iGoogle as a home page. Here is how to set it up:

  1. Go to Google
  2. In the upper right corner, click on “iGoogle”. (If, by chance, in the upper right corner it says “Classic Home,” then never mind, you are already at iGoogle.)
  3. Click on “Sign in” in the upper right corner.
  4. Sign in if you have a Google account, or create a Google account (it’s free).

Here is what I have on mine:

  1. Google Bookmarks-You can add to or take away as you see fit. I gave you pretty much what I have.
  2. The movies at the local theater or you can click where it says “Movies” and see what’s on in other locations.
  3. The weather is particular to our city.
  4. Driving directions starting with my place of work as the default starting point. (You can change the default on any of these by clicking the little down arrow and choosing “Edit settings.”)
  5. Same with the Map Search. My work location is right in the center.
  6. I have list of GoogleDocs which I can share with other individuals or with the whole world.
  7. There are other things you can add by clicking on “Add stuff” just above the Inspirational Quotes. (What a handy word “stuff” is!)
  8. You can get rid of any of the “stuff” by clicking on the “x.”
  9. You can re-arrange where each window is located by clicking and dragging it somewhere else on the screen.
  10. There are different “themes” for how the top of the page will look. Click on “Select theme” right beside “Add stuff.” Some themes will change appearance with the time of day and others change according to the weather in your particular area. How cool is that?

I have this set as my homepage, and…
At home, I have this set as my homepage, and…
My laptop is set with this as my homepage, which means…
…for those sites I go to all the time or the GoogleDocs I have, I don’t have to bookmark them on three different computers, and…
…If I am away from home and on a computer in a public library, someone else’s school, etc., I can go to Google, click iGoogle, log in, and I am looking at my bookmarks, my GoogleDocs, and the whole nine yeards just the same as if I was sitting in my office.
So..there it is. Have fun!