Educational LeadershipI was delighted join Jay Willis on his podcast to talk about my road to educational leadership. Entitled “Educators Lead,” the podcast helps launch educators into the next level of leadership.

The show is for you if you are interested in educational leadership as an assistant principal, principal, superintendent, teacher or someone who hopes to be a school leader one day. For those who have read my book, you know that I think of a school leader as being anyone who steps forward to shape the direction of what happens in schools. The mantle of school leadership transcends job descriptions.

Educational Leadership Podcast Content

In the interview, we talk about my background. You will probably learn things about me you did not know. I hope you will hear ideas you can use in your own journey to that next step in your own career.

Jay and I talk about my career path. We talk about the road to obtaining the doctorate (with my best tip for making that program easier). We talk about my current role as a writer and speaker. We also talk about the book.

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Educational Leadership

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