Google Trips

UPDATE: Google Trips is no longer available. But, Google Travel is here and gives you the same benefits. I’ve created a new post along with a demonstration video that shows you what you need to know.

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I’ve often said good things are replaced by better things. This announcement is one more example. Google Trips has served me well, and after a glimpse at what’s replacing it, I am better off.

For those who travel, organizing the details can be a challenge. The last thing you need is to arrive at the airport an hour too late or a day too soon. Having the right planning tools makes all the difference. Today, I introduce you to Google Trips.

For several years, my go-to service has been Google Trips. If you use Gmail, you will find Google Trips to be enjoyable and helpful. To get started, download the app from the Google Play Store or iTunes Store.

Google Trips examines Gmail for airline, hotel, and rental car confirmations. I installed the app and immediately saw a tile for each upcoming trip. An attractive photo from each destination decorates the tile.

Tap on one and you see more tiles. They vary, depending on the city. They always include “Reservations,” “Things to Do,” “Saved Places,” and “Day Plans.” Tap on the “reservations” tile. You see the name and address of the hotel, the flight destinations and numbers, and the rental car service.

Tap on any of those, and you see the details. Tap on the hotel. You see its name, dates for check-in and checkout, address, phone, confirmation number, and map of the surrounding area. Tapping on the phone number dials the hotel. Scroll to the bottom of the details and see a link to the original confirmation.

Competitors for Google Trips are TripIt, Kayak, and TripCase. The nice thing about Google Trips is that I don’t need to forward my confirmation emails to one of those services. In fact, I don’t have to do anything aside from making the reservations. Google Trips automates the rest.

Google TripsAlso, Google Trips places the plane, hotel, and rental car reservations on your Google Calendar.

Help with Sightseeing

If organizing reservations isn’t enough, each Google Trips entry includes other tiles. Tap on “Things to Do” to display images of the attractions in the area. You may see a “Food & Drink” tile. Tap any selection and you see hours of operation, reviews, directions, phone numbers, websites, and maps.

Even More Help

A tile called “Day Plans” suggests an itinerary for each day. The itinerary includes complete details about each attraction. These day plans are available for 200 cities around the world.

If you are traveling to a larger city, a tile called “Getting Around” helps with transportation. See how to get to and from the airport. The app includes bus/taxi information. It also provides suggestions on walking and biking. Finally, a tile called “Need to Know” provides more information about the city.

Have you ever been to a city but didn’t have time to research what attractions may be available? Imagine with one touch of a button you see your options and all the details about each one. How much easier would something like that make your life?

Give it a Try

Some things are too easy not to use. Google Trips is one of them. If you use Gmail, download the app. It works on both upcoming trips as well as those in the past. If you are looking for a way to organize your travel, Google Trips may be your answer. Download the app and get started.

Do you use Google Trips already? Do you use another service to help plan your travel? Let me know what’s working for you. Plus, if you liked this post, why not share it? Click the tweetable above and click the social media sharing icons below.