Merging PDF pages is a need we all frequently have . Think about situations we face, such as these:

Merging PDF
  1. You are e-mailed a multi-page form. Your instructions are to complete the form (which must be done by hand) and return it. Your solution is to print the form, complete the pages, scan each page, and email the scanned pages as attachments.
  2. You are submitting copies of receipts. While you may be able to place more than one receipt at a time on the scanner, you still wind up with several pages. You email the scanned pages of receipts.

The Problem

In both cases, you wind up with multiple one-page attachments. Would it be better if the individual pages could be combined into one document? While some people already have a solution, most people do not. I am glad to find out about a site called “PDF Mergy,” which performs this function quickly and for free.

How to Use PDF Mergy

The URL for the site is and requires no registration. Simply drag and drop each page of your PDF onto the screen and click “Merge.” You are then prompted to download your completed document.

What’s the Size?

You may want to check the size of your results. Right-click on the document and choose properties. You will see the file size. If the file is large and you need to send it as an email attachment, you might want to compress the document.

This Tool Will Help You Do It

I use Smallpdf to reduce the file size. When you go to the site, you see a number of capabilities.

  1. Choose “Compress PDF.”
  2. Drag your PDF into the window.
  3. The service uploads your document, compresses it, and provides a download link. (They delete your file from their service one hour later.)

Now, your multiple-page scan has been turned into one document in a relatively small file size. It’s free, and it’s easy.

Why not try it now? Take a multi-page document and run it through your scanner. Use PDF Mergy and Smallpdf and watch the results.

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