Throughout the workday, adding appointments to your calendar is part of the every-day drill. But who else needs to know when you add an appointment? I am not talking about who has access to your calendar and could reference it when needed. I am talking about who needs to be alerted that right now, you have just added something to your calendar.

For many, nobody else needs to know. For others, however, a secretary or business partner needs to know this information. For still others, a spouse needs to know. In addition, there may be some appointments where this other person needs to be alerted and others where he or she does not. How do you handle this notification?

In you use Google Calendar, look at the “Add guests” feature. When you create a new calendar entry, enter the email address of the person who needs to know about it and click “Add.”

time management
Adding guests in Google Calendar

If you are using Outlook 2007, while creating your new event, click on “Invite Attendees.” Also look for the “Invite Attendees” option on any other version of Outlook.

time management

Enter the email address (or addresses) for each person who needs to be alerted about your new calendar entry.

time management
Notifying others with Outlook

This one, easy, technique keeps notification of that other person from becoming a second step that you have to remember to do later. Who do you need to keep abreast of new events on your calendar? Would this technique do the trick for you?