One of the advantages of Google Calendar is the ability to share it. Embedding a Google Calendar in a website or blog is not only possible, but very easy.

Time ManagementAs an example, take a principal who uses Google Calendar. He or she places personal events on the calendar. In addition, this principal has created a second calendar called “School Events.” The principal enters holidays, report card dates, and dates of various happenings at the school. Our principal would like for parents to be able to view all of these school events without having to re-enter them anywhere else.

Our principal can go to the settings for that particular Google Calendar copy the embed copy, and paste it into the website or blog. To see an example of such a calendar, visit the Raymond L. Young Elementary School Blog and scroll to the bottom of the page. The items on the “School Events” calendar will show, but the items on the principal’s personal calendar will not appear.

Let’s look at a more complex scenario. The athletic director at a school is using Google Calendar to keep up with the games for each sport and the practice schedule for each sport. Down the left-hand side of his calendar is the name of each sport with one calendar for it’s games and one calendar for it’s practices. By toggling each calendar on and off, the athletic director is able to see calendars in combination. The list may look something like this:

  • Varsity Football Games
  • JV Football Games
  • Boy’s Basketball Games
  • Girl’s Basketball Games
  • Volleyball Games
  • Varsity Football Practice
  • JV Football Practice
  • Boy’s Basketball Practice
  • Girl’s Basketball Practice
  • Volleyball Practice 

The athletic director wants to publish these calendars in such a way that players can see the calendars which pertain to them. In other words, he wants to publish a calendar for the varsity football players which would show both their practice schedule and games (currently two separate calendars in the athletic director’s Google Calendar). He would like to embed a calendar for the volleyball players which would list both the practice schedule and games. For the general public, he would like to publish a calendar which would show all of the games for all sports but not show any practice schedule.

As you can see, the question becomes, “How can I embed multiple Google Calendars in a website or blog?” Whether you already know how to embed any single calendar or whether you are totally new to this concept, the following video demonstrates the concepts you will need.

The video was created by Melinda Waffle. You can also watch this video on YouTube. I found it to be easy to follow. It certainly answered one of the “how to do it” questions I had.