Update: Changes in the Google Assistant services, IFTTT applets that use a trigger phrase will no longer be supported. This change goes into effect August 31, 2022.

That means everything you read in this post and see on the video will no longer work after that date.

This is far from the first time a change in a service has forced a change in my workflow. However, I believe good things are replaced by better things. Hopefully I’ll find something that gives me the power and flexibility I’ve had to this point. When I find it, I’ll be posting it.

For years, input has been the weakness of our mobile devices. Typing with two thumbs on a piece of glass is no picnic. All the while, voice input has been getting better. Google Assistant offers an amazing variety of commands. This post focuses on building your own using IFTTT to add items to your task list.

The video will show how to construct fours examples:

  • A task for a certain part of the day (morning,, afternoon, evening) for either today or tomorrow.
  • A task for a future day within the next week.
  • An errand you need to run within the next week.
  • A reminder you are expecting to receive something from another person within the next week.

Stick around to the end of the video for a free download that gives all the directions for constructing these applets using If This Then That.

Why wear out your thumbs when talking is faster and easier?

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