Time Management
In January, “Why You Should Start Buying Your Christmas Presents Now” appeared on this blog. One reader and personal friend sent us this message:

Just wanted to let you know that thanks to your inspiration I finished my 2012 Christmas shopping for my brother’s family of five yesterday — a great feeling! (I’m giving my sister-in-law an antique tea pot, and yesterday found a very pretty half price wooden tea bag box at one of your favorite places.)

Working ahead of deadlines gives us freedom. When it’s Christmas Eve and I have three gifts still to buy, I have no choice but to stand in the long lines, navigate crowded parking lots, and pay whatever price is being asked.

When Christmas is almost¬†two months away, you have a little freedom is to “not today,” “not here,” and “not at that price.” Throughout the year, we all pass by just the right gift at just the right price. The only trouble is that we don’t know it. We will think about it later. When later arrives, it’s often too late.

Go back and review the nuts & bolts talked about in the “Why You Should Start Buying Your Christmas Presents Now” post. Now you have your plan. Maybe this Christmas season will just a little less stressful and a little more merry!