I love Google’s ability to convert measurements. I can enter into the search window “32 ounces in quarts” and Google returns “1 US Quart.” I can enter “5 miles in kilometers” and get “8.04672 kilometers.” It doesn’t get any handier than that for a quick conversion of one number to another.

But what about if you have to do quite a few of those conversions? Converticious is a website which will convert one measurement to another. The advantage of this site is that you are not having to type the unit of measure. Instead, you see your choices and click the appropriate one.

That being said, the site does have its limitations. I can enter “10 dollars in Yen” into Google and get “835.4000 Japanese yen” as my answer. Converticious will not convert currency, or at least not yet.

Thanks to Jennifer Malone for making me aware of this site on her blog, Eaton Educational Insights.