I first explained the concept of Delicious in this post called Del.icio.us is Delicious. Later, we examined the concept of “tagging” in this post.

Today, we look at how Deli.icio.us can be used to make the teaching profession easier for all of us. To illustrate the concept, imagine you are a teacher who has a SMART Board. Little by little, you come across excellent Internet resources related to the SMART Board. How can you save these for later reference?

The easy answer is that you could save the link to your Delicious page and tag it with the appropriate links. “SMART Board ” might be one of those tags. Later, you would be able to go to your Delicious page, enter “SMART Board” in the search box, and you would see all of the links that you had tagged “SMART Board.” Also, the URL would change to include “/SMART Board” at the end of it.

Not only could you benefit from these links, but others could as well. A teacher by the name of Kathy Cassidy did exactly what we are talking about. Click on this link:


You are now looking at her Delicious bookmarks for SMART Boards!

This post really has two purposes:

  1. Give you some resources if you have a SMART Board.
  2. Get you thinking about how you and others can store the excellent resources you find and share them with the whole world.

How many out there already use Del.icio.us? Anyone want to share some URLs that may help your colleagues around the world?