The last post was designed to get the beginner started with Twitter. In this post, we will look at four ways to view and compose material on Twitter:

At the the Twitter Website
Simply go to and log into your account. You can view your Twitter account from any computer with Internet access.

From Your iGoogle Page
“TwitterGadget” is free and allows you to read and compose tweets right on your iGoogle page. Click here to see a more detailed description and to add TwitterGadget.

From Your Smartphone
I use a free program called “Ubersocial.” The program allows me to compose and read tweets on the go. One feature I especially like is the ability to e-mail a tweet. As I am reading tweets, if I see the one which will require a little time, such as viewing a link, I e-mail the tweet to myself and handle it when I return to my desktop computer. Another excellent, free, Twitter client for BlackBerry users was TwitterBerry.

The Ultimate Tweet Organizer
TweetDeck is a free program that you download to your computer. It is also available for the iPhone and Android. TweetDeck allows you to organize your Tweets into a series of columns.

For example, I have a column of tweets from personal friends, another from people I have designated as “national figures,” another for tweets that use the hashtag “#timemanagement,” and another for those who use the hashtag”#eyeoneducation.” I can create a column for any upcoming conference in order to follow discussions among people who use a hashtag for that conference. One column holds the direct messages to me. Another one lists all of the tweets where I (@drfrankbuck) am mentioned. I even have a column that brings in my Facebook newsfeed and another with the newsfeed for just my closest friends.

One of the great features about TweetDeck is that you can compose a tweet now and schedule it to post at a particular future day or time. TweetDeck is a favorite with more advanced Twitter users who follow many people, track a variety of topics, and need a tool to organize it all. TweetDeck does a nice job in this arena.