At yesterday’s workshop for the University of Alabama Superintendent’s Academy, one of the technology time-savers we discussed was Jott. You can click here for a post I had written about this wonderful tool earlier.

I demonstrated how the process works by sending a Jott to a friend. One of the questions about Jott was how accurate the text translation is. My response was that it was about as accurate as my English. If I pronounce words distinctly, the translation is accurate. If I let my lay Southern drawl slip in, it shows up in the spelling of the text translation.

Printed below is the how the message was translated:

I am having a wonderful workshop here with some of our educational leaders, future superintendents, a whole room full of them, so as you are reading your email now, you will be reading the words that I am speaking right now. I’ll talk to you later.

You can’t get more accurate that that!