Our connected world is filled with free tools that make work easier. In today’s post, I’m giving you a list of digital tools I use or have used. To make them easy to access, I have this list within a single note in Evernote. To go a step further, on Evernote Home, I have that note saved as a “pinned note.” Click on each to explore the site.

Productivity Treasure Chest

This first group consists of the digital tools I use daily. I also have them saved as buttons on my browser’s bookmarks toolbar.


We constantly have the need to convert data from one form to another. Having the right tool for the specific job saves hours on any given project. Check them out and see which ones will fit your needs.


We all get too much junk email. We’re asked to give our email addresses and are then inundated with email we don’t want. The solution? Provide a “junk” email address. You satisfy the requirement of the website without giving over permission to fill your inbox. Here are three candidates.

Photo Editing

There’s an old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We want the visual elements we use online to look good. Here are a variety of tools that do the job. In particular, if you’re not familiar with Canva, create a free account. Whether your project is a flyer, some social media images, or any other design project, Canva does an amazing job.


Time is our friend, or at least it ought to be. This section contains a variety of tools for a variety of uses. The common thread is the time they save over doing things manually.

Public Speaking

If you make videos, it helps to have a script in front of you. There’s no need to memorize. And talking off the top of your head is rarely the best move. Here are two teleprompters you can use. To be honest, I have moved away from a teleprompter when recording at my computer. I put the text in an Evernote note, increase the font size, and decrease the width of the note to minimize the distance my eyes move back and forth. With a wireless mouse, I’m able to scroll the text.


Whether it’s locating a person, getting past a telephone tree, or conducting a search that goes way beyond Google, here are some tools that will help.

Social Media

Enjoy these tools to make posting to social media easier and more enjoyable for you and those who follow you.


I recently did an entire post on Google Travel. Check it out.


Nobody likes to organize footnotes. When I was in high school, it was a tedious process. With the right tool, it’s easy. As for Hemingway App, it’s phenomenal for making your writing clean and clear. I wrote about it here.

I hope you’ll go through the digital tools a few at a time to see what they do. Adopt what works. Ignore what doesn’t apply to you. Revisit this post multiple times to work through the list.

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