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June 6th and 7th, we had a great response to the workshops sponsored by the University of North Alabama Regional Inservice Center.  We are repeating those workshops in July. If one of your goals has been to “get organized,” we have something for you. Thanks to the UNA Regional Inservice Center, it’s free to you.

Perhaps you want to learn about how social media can help you communicate better with students and parents. Perhaps you want to use social media as a vehicle to network with other professionals. Perhaps you are trying to make sense of Twitter. If any of this sounds like you, be sure to sign up.

First priority is given to educators from the UNA region, but any teacher from Alabama is welcome as long as the room capacity will accommodate.

To register, go to STIPD. Click on “PD Titles,” and then “Search the PD Title Catalog.” In the upper-right corner, you will see a field labeled “PD Title Number.” Beside each workshop below, you will see the title number to search for.

July 13 (Florence Location)

“Get Organized! Time Management for Teachers” 8:30-3:30 Search for UNAERIC16-103

July 14 (Florence Location)

“Branding Made Easy: Telling Your Story Through Social Media” 8:30-3:30 Search for UNAERIC16-106

July 26 (Florence Location)

“Get Organized! Time Management for Teachers” 8:30-3:30 Search for UNAERIC16-104

July 27 (Florence Location)

“Branding Made Easy: Telling Your Story Through Social Media” 8:30-3:30 Search for UNAERIC16-107

Here is what you will learn:

Get Organized! Time Management for Teachers

In today’s world, we’re often overwhelmed by our digital devices, stacks of paper, and constant interruptions. In this full-day workshop, learn a nuts-and-bolts system for making every day count.

Your desk will be clean, email empty, everything you have to do on one list, repeating tasks on autopilot, documentation handled, and you will be the master of your digital tools. Your plan for the day will be clear. Greater productivity and less stress can be yours today.

Get Organized! outlines a complete organizational system for both teachers and administrators. Providing you with simple tools and techniques to bring order and control to your personal and professional life, this workshop aims to make a difference in your life every single day.

This workshop is hands-on. *Please bring a laptop.*

Branding Made Easy: Telling Your Story Through Social Media

If you don’t tell your school’s story, someone else will, and it won’t be as flattering. In this full-day workshop, you will develop your own system for communicating with students, parents, your community, and professionals throughout the world. In the morning, you will create a blog from scratch and learn why it is the single best tool for communicating your message.

In the afternoon, you will learn strategies for using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to supplement the blog. You will learn how the different tools can work together. You will also learn ways to automate the process and save yourself time.

This workshop is hands-on. *Please bring a laptop*

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If you are attending the National Association of Elementary Principals conference in early July, I hope you will attend my session:

#NAESP16, Get Organized

You will learn three major concepts that will put you well on your way to total control and peace and peace of mind when it comes to the demands of your day. See you then!