Mobile applications help customers remain organized and keep track of daily tasks. All types of mobile apps are on the market for Blackberry, iOS and Android operating systems. Most operating systems have a calendar to keep track of meetings and other reminders. The most popular Calendar apps will be examined for organizational efficacy.

Google Calendar 
Google calendar app comes standard with the Android operating system. The mobile app is also compatible with Blackberry and iOS. On an Android device, an appointment updated on the desktop application will also be updated on the mobile device. Reminders may be set with the calendar application to avoid missed appointments.

Multiple calendars may be viewed at once and linked simultaneously. Both Blackberry and iOS require Google Sync to link multiple devices. A significant advantage of Google Sync is that it can synchronize up to 25 different calendars on a single device. Professionals who need to organize their personal lives along with a dynamic work schedule will benefit most from this feature. Furthermore, as professionals become increasingly likely to be taking online school courses along with having a job and busy personal life, there will be an increasing need for apps to be able to sync multiple calendars.

Some users have experienced duplicate calendar entries initially. Various discussion boards offer advice for the specific device. Even with this impediment, this is a minor disadvantage compared to the advantages of mobile apps. Most users find Google calendar to be effective in keeping events organized.

Smooth Calendar
Smooth Calendar has the capability to automatically sync with built-in calendars such as Google Calendar. The interface is intuitive and can be customized to the users’ preferences. The size and color of the widget can be changed. Smooth Calendar is compatible with Android, but it is not yet compatible with iOS or phones without the Android operating system.

How to Sync Emails on Mobile Devices 
The synchronizing process is essentially the same on every device for email protocol such as Outlook, Gmail and Hotmail. Synchronizing will help clients avoid rereading, filing and organizing the same messages or dealing with clunky browser versions of calendar interfaces.

On the Blackberry, the “BlackBerry Desktop Software” is required for synching unless the person is not user a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Connect the device via USB to a desktop computer. Synchronize the two under the Configuration menu. Click the boxes required to sync the devices. Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes the will be synchronized will be synchronized between the BlackBerry and Outlook. Two Way Sync or One Way Sync may be selected through Outlook.

Android phones have an automatic Gmail connection. To set up Android with Hotmail, open the “Mail” menu. Enter the Hotmail address and password. Then, launch the Manual Setup menu. Select the “Exchange” option for the account type when prompted. This method should be followed when typing in the email address “[email protected].” This is listed under the Server settings menu. In the server field, enter “” Select “Use Secure Connection (SSL)” and tap the Next button. On the Account Options screen, select both Sync Contacts from this Account and Sync Calendars from this Account.

To set up an iOS with Gmail, users should migrate to Settings. Under Mail, Contacts and Calendars, select Add Account. Navigate to the Microsoft Exchange menu. Type an email address in the Email field and in the Username field. Type a description and then press “Next.” Sync Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.

Hotmail requires the same steps with the exception of the email address. A server address is also required. Use “”

Most users prefer the use of Google Calendar, but users also enjoy other calendar applications such as Smooth, Jorte and AnCal. Schedules can be maintained and appointments kept with calendar applications. Nearly every business person, parent or student has found mobile calendar apps useful for organizational purposes.

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