Time Management

Davonia and I spent a wonderful several days in Quebec City. Thanks to Marielle Stewart for bringing me in for a full-day workshop for the Central Quebec School Board administrators. What a great group!

Quebec City is a beautiful place, and we were glad to have able to spend a day seeing the historic city with it’s many restaurants and shops. Despite differences in location and climate, we share the same challenges when it comes to staying on top of the demands of our work.

We covered a great deal of ground during the day, addressing everything from handling the paper in our lives to using Twitter more effectively. When asked to complete the thought, “If I had one more hour every day, I would…” here are some of the answers we got:

…take a walk
…finish work an hour early
…regularly clean out my e-mail
…have “me” time
…play the guitar
…walk my dogs
…spend more time with my grandson

 I hope that as a result of our day together, you have just found that time!